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Oishee Chakrabarti (

Undergraduate Student

Oishee is an undergraduate student interested in molecular engineering and exploring cost-efficient as well as environment-friendly designs of scientific inventions. This includes multidisciplinary experiments involving nanomaterials used in the manufacturing of sensors and energy devices. She graduated from Brookfield Academy in Wisconsin and, during her high school years, participated in the National Science Foundation’s Generation Nano Competition and was selected as a finalist. Her hobbies include reading, painting, swimming, singing, and playing the piano.

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Research topics

Materials Systems for Sustainability and Health

Current Research

Oishee's research interests include the use of carbon nanotubes (CNTs) for sensing applications and detection of water contaminants. In particular, CNTs consist of a single wall of surface-arranged carbon atoms, bearing structural resemblance with a single sheet of graphite, as well as concentric multiple walls of surface-arranged carbon atoms. She would like to find out whether a sensor based on single-walled CNTs or that based on multiple-walled CNTs is more effective in real-time detection of contaminants in water. Oishee is also interested in statistical modeling of the cost efficiency of water sensors.

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